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February 28, 2013 6:32 pm

This movie is really cool. It’s a 70’s Swedish film from the Rape/Revenge genre. Not a genre I usually gravitate to but, I was watching a promo from Alamo DraftHouse;a trailer for a collection of old movie trailers dvd and this was featured in the promo. It was the eye patch and the big ass winchester riffle that got me hooked. In the story we are introduced to a young toddler named,Frigga/Madeleine. She is taken to a park and molested by her grandfather, who for some strange reason throws up blood and then goes to a mental institution shortly there after.  Madeleine is so traumatised by the act that she becomes mute. Later in her teen years she is picked up and suduced by a handsom playboy named, Tony. Tony drugs Madeleine then gets her hooked on Heroine. Tony informs her that she will die without the Heroine and that she must be a hooker for him to get heroine to live. Later on Madeleine saves up some money and exacts revenge on her transgressors. Its a low budget film but what it lacks in bank roll it more than makes up in style and intensity.

At one point she starts wearing outfits with matching eye patches. How cool is that?
You can watch it for free on Youtube right now.

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